Portuguese (pt) translation group


This thread is meant for all those interested in translating Indico to any of the dialects of Portuguese. In order to facilitate consultation by other translation teams, I suggest we use English whenever possible. Messages deeply connected to grammar or the meaning of words can be written in Portuguese, however.


Este thread é destinado a todos aqueles interessados em traduzir o Indico para Português (independentemente do dialeto). De modo a facilitar a consulta por membros de outras equipas de tradução, sugiro que utilizemos o Inglês sempre que possível. Mensagens de teor mais gramatical e discussões sobre significados poderão no entanto ser escritas em Português.

Hello there!

I will start translating Indico to Brazilian Portuguese, using transifex.

Thanks for letting me joing the project, hope i can help!



Hi André,

It’s great that you are interested in helping. As discussed previously, the first thing that you should probably start by doing should be establishing a glossary for the most basic terms. E.g. “how should we translate ‘conference’?” or “what is the best term for ‘call for abstracts’?” Transifex has a glossary feature which you can use to document that.

We’ve got a wiki page on i18n which should help you understand how this works from the point of view of a developer and what are some of the technical details involved.

There is at least another person wanting to help with the translation to Portuguese from Brazil. I hope they will join the discussion here, so that we can distribute work in an optimal way.


I was off for some time, but ill restart the translation process.

Hope i can get to the end this time.


Hi André,

As you progress, could you please let us know of any “vocabulary” decisions you take on the way? For instance, which words you are using to translate “meeting”, “conference”, “lecture”, “abstract”, etc… That will be useful for others who might need to update the translation in the future.

yes, ill put some notes while im translating

Thanks for remind me about that. Pt-br is different from pt-pt, and im translating it to pt-br.


Sure, the translation to European Portuguese is another discussion. I’d just like to make sure that even those translating to Brazilian Portuguese will know what exact terms to use. Thanks!

Hi, I’m in charge of an University IT Administration Department and very interested in use indico as the event main platform. But, one of my constraints is the language (pt_BR). I’m thinking in propose the translation as an activity for the english language study group, have anybody tried that approach?

Thanks a lot.

Marcelo - Universidade Federal de Alagoas.

Hi Marcelo, that sounds like a great idea to me. However, it would also be nice to check with @Andre_Garcia on the status of his pt_BR translation. I’d like to avoid having several people doing the same thing for nothing. @Andre_Garcia, can you let us know how things are?

Hi there,

I already did some translations but its going a little slow now (im finishing my doctoral thesis).

ill be doing PT-BR translations again for Indico in the next month, i guess… but for me, there is no problem getting some more help, cause theres a lots of strings left to translate.


PS: Nice to meet you Marcelo, im from Unicamp - Campinas :wink:

Great! Then I guess you guys can join forces.
@marceloqao, as said in my post above, it is essential that we establish a glossary beforehand. I suggest that, as you guys start translating, you post the translation choices you’ve done. For instance, some of the following terms can be pretty tricky/ambiguous when it comes to translating them to other languages: lecture, meeting, conference, abstract, paper, reviewer, judge, timetable, venue, convener, session block… (those are only a few).
So, it would be nice to have something like (only as an example, in this case in pt_PT):

meeting: reunião
lecture: palestra - havia outras opções tais como “conferência” ou “seminário”, mas a primeira criaria ambiguidades com outro tipo de evento e a segunda é menos genérica.

First of all, I’m don’t an expert in translating software. Like @Andre_Garcia suggested I started with transifex, but the Portuguese team don’t aproved my subscription. Do we have another way/tool to keep things organized?


Nice to meet you too Andre.

I’ve just approved your request, sorry about that.

European Portuguese Translation (pt_PT)

Thanks to a kind contribution from Carlos Ferreira and Gonçalo Cordeiro, we now have a basis for a quality translation to Portuguese from Portugal. Since I believe we will be discussing terms that are dialect-specific, I suggest that the conversation be moved to a new pt_PT-specific thread.

Good news guys, we just finished translating 100% of pt_BR, what is the next step now?

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Thanks a lot! That is great news. Right now we will incorporate those translations into the main Indico code base so that it will be publicly available.

Thanks a lot. You did a great job!

Thanks dear sir!

Does that mean that now we can reinstall indico and it will have PT-BR option in the languages? :slight_smile:

Answered by PM. Long story short, in a few weeks we’ll have Indico 2.2rc1, which will include pt_BR by default. In the meantime, it’s still possible to copy the files over and compile them manually (even if a couple strings will probably still end up in English).

Dear Team,

My co-worker worked out on indico’s translations then after had it done we followed steps below without success:

1 - Created a new folder pt_BR in /opt/indico/translations
2 - Inside that directory structured we created the folder LC_MESSAGES
3 - Edited indico.conf and add language pt_BR as default language
3 - Finally, we copied the translated files on it (messages-js.po, messages.po, messages-react.po, for_use_indico_chat-messages-js_pt_BR.po)

Unfortunatelly, nothing changed at all. Guys, could you please throw some lights on this ???

Is there any other procedure we should undertake in order to have Indico’s translated ???

I can forget to say that Fernanda Paula Ramos from Unicamp handled the whole translation job to Portuguese-BR. She is committed to make Indico useful for brazilians speakers.

Thank you Team

Rafael Francisco do Prado

Are you sure /opt/indico is the right place? There should be other languages in that folder if that is the right one. For example, there should be also folders called en_GB. fr_FR.