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Hello there, fellow developers.

I’m Hajime. About two weeks ago, I’ve joined the Indico project on the UN side to implement accessibility improvements. Right now we are waiting for the accessibility assessment, and while we are waiting for those, we are going to start with some light-weight assessments of our own and fix any issues we can find on our own.

Some of the things we will be changing will have a broad impact on most parts of the Indico UI. It is therefore my wish to get as many developers onboard this journey and share how I approach these changes so that we can establish a common mental framework for building accessible UIs.

A secondary goal of this thread is to solicit feedback before changes are made. Therefore, I will try to write down my intentions early and frequently. Please feel free to jump in at any point and comment on the intended changes. Although I’m a veteran web developer, I’m new to Indico, so your feedback will be very valuable.

Finally, if you are developing some UI and would like some feedback regarding accessibility, feel free to comment here.

Tools used

If you are interested in what tools are used to perform the assessment:

  • WAVE extension
  • Web developer extension
  • Chrome devtools Lighthouse tab (accessibility audits section)
  • HeadingsMap extension

About accessibility success criteria

Currently, the standard accessibility success criteria are provided by W3C Web Accessibility Initiative in the form of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2 (a.k.a. WCAG 2). WAI provides a checklist that is normally used to perform accessibility assessment.

The tools mentioned above are only able to cover a subset of the issues covered in the checklist. Humans usually perform additional verifications.

Success criteria (SC) are organized by priority into three levels:

  • A - absolute minimum
  • AA - must-have for most sites
  • AAA - must-have for less common cases

Meeting criteria up to level AA is considered standard in general cases.


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Hello Hajime!

We’re very happy that you are taking on this challenge! It’s definitely a great help to have someone who focuses mainly on the UI/UX part of Indico.

As for the first issue, feel free to open a PR :slight_smile: (I think you’ll find that responsiveness was never a really a main goal of Indico so we’d definitely appreciate your help on that front)

Looking forward to working with you!


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Just some text someone put over a decade ago… that second line should probably just be removed. Maybe the idea was that people do not download the whole file and customize it, but rather just override things?

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Welcome! Great news, that you are working on this topic.

Maybe it is just me and my Discourse ignorance, but reading through this topic, it is very confusing with so many things mixed. For specific things, I would have thought GitHub issues to be much better suited.

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I think opening tons of issues as a ‘brain dump’ would be a bit spammy, but I agree that one a point is at a state where development will happen then an issue would make sense.

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Sure, we can do that!

I split off most the discussions into a new a11y subforum: Accessibility - Indico Community

I’ll do the remaining posts later (at the latest when someone starts replying to them), or alternatively feel free to just re-post them in there yourself @hayavuk and then delete them from this thread.

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I’ll take care of the rest tomorrow before our meeting.