Date format following locale

It took me some days to try dirty-hacking the date format problem.

Here are two diff files:
Indico installed by pip on Debian
Indico source

Mostly date format display has been updated except

  • Room booking system
  • Registration / accommodation date

No, I’m not going to submit the “patch” (the installed system diff is actually 8MB text files since all the compiled react/moment/… js is in one line). And for the latter, there is a message asking the date format “must be DD/MM/YYYY”, so I don’t know if there would be any side effects changing the date format.

From the source (at least it seems that Indico is (still) written in Python 2.7. Since python 2.7 will be not maintained anymore since 2020, will indico change to python3?

It is probably ongoing. Anyway… could you please take account of different-locale users when rewriting? :cry: It is not fun to manually update the date format everywhere, especially searching it from source code to compiled js one-line nightmare…

(Will there be hackfests in Indico workshop?)

related topic.

Yes, of course. After 2.3 we plan to release 3.0 which will use Python 3.8.
This doesn’t involve much rewriting though, about a year ago it took me less than an hour of getting Indico to (partially) run on Python 3. While updating to Python 3 properly obviously takes more time, we’ll do it next year for sure.

FWIW, as long as major linux distributions like CentOS 7 use 2.7, it won’t be truly dead until that distribution reached EOL.