Formatting date to month/dd/yyyy indico calendar events

My indico.conf shows:


I need help formatting the date to month/dd/yyyy . Currently, it shows this format:

I think we do not take locales into account for the date pickers at all… (we should fix that at some point!)

Thanks. I will just have to leave with it until then.

A bit annoyed TBH.

In the middle the format is correct, but not the upper left.

This one would make misunderstanding to people from most Asian countries.

Currently I’m looking at the code to see if there’s any way to dirty-hack the date format. It looks to me that most(?) date format is “fixed” in the html file…

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If date pickers only you need to manually edit the web/static/dist/js/jquery*.js[.map] to change the ‘DD/MM/YYYY’ to the format you want (for example ‘MM/DD/YYYY’).

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Any way anybody found to change date language in timetable etc?

Most areas of indico are properly localized. Please point out a specific place if that’s not the case somewhere (ideally with a screenshot)