Where to get and how to install German localization for the Indico?

Hi, I’m new to Indico, so this may sound stupid.

How can I install the German language into the stand-alone instance?

I see there’s a German group on the transifex, and it’s only about 42% translated, but I can’t find actual language pack in any form.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, we currently don’t include a German translation since it’s very outdated and of somewhat low quality unless someone updated it recently (which I doubt).

cc @dirk

Yes, thank you for the reminder.

Unfortunately your statement still seems to be true. Let me recap and come back to you very soon.

Meanwhile, any help to extract the present status from transifex into a testable set of .po files or whatever, like the apanese (and polish?) group are using, would be very much appreciated.

It would be indeed great to have that. @kolodzie, who is coordinating i18n on our side, has made an appeal to the community:

People have been slow to respond but I know that @maogino has shown interest in another thread. It would be great if we got enough critical mass to get that thing started.