Indico instance with up-to-date translations


Dear Community,

The constant growth of the Indico Project imposes a lot of additional requirements that the project should meet. One of those is making sure that the User Interface is available in different languages - not only in English.

We have many devoted translators working to make Indico available in other languages. However, we have noticed that (taking into account feedback from our community) translating through an external app is not always enough to fully validate the correctness of the translations. It is actually better to see the end result - browsing Indico in the language of choice.

The solution to this would be a separate instance of Indico that would fetch
translations from Transifex and allow users to choose one of those in Indico.
Unfortunately we are quite limited in time and we can’t dedicate enough resources to this in the short term. That is why we are asking you, our community, to help us with it.

This is a perfect opportunity to use something that we have already worked on,
namely the Indico Docker/Openshift container configuration we’ve set up (
This could serve as a base to which some automation scripts would be added (fetching/compiling translations).

If you have the technical knowledge and the time to work on this, then please let us know, we’ll be glad to help you with it. There wouldn’t be an issue with hosting the server on our infrastructure, we really only need someone to dedicate a few hours to developing the right Docker configuration.

We believe this will greatly help the work of the many translators that dedicate time to making sure that Indico is accessible to everyone.

Indico Team

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