New translation demo instance

We have created a new Indico instance that you can use to try out the most up-to-date translations:

It can sometimes be frustrating to not be able to see the results of your hard work, especially for languages which have not been officially released yet (there has always been the possibility to set up a local dev instance (Translations — Indico 3.3.2-dev documentation) but we understand that not everyone wants to/is able to do that).

That is why we have setup this new instance. It includes all languages, even those which have not been released yet. The instance updates several times per day so it should always have the latest translations from Transifex.

You can use the instance to:

  • find untranslated strings
  • see if the translations look good (no overflowing text, broken UI, in that case report it to us!)
  • check for typos, consistency
  • better understand where a string appears in the UI
  • …anything else

For now, there is no access to the management areas, but we are working to make it possible in a way that is secure and cannot be abused too much :smiley:

Happy translating!