Italian (it) i18n


I worked in the past, in my spare time, as a translator for some Android software from chinese and english to italian and for Evernote from Engilsh to Italian. I’d like to contribute to this very useful tool with the i18n to Italian.



Hey Michele,

thanks a lot for your readiness to translate Indico. We are very glad you want to devote your time to do that. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if needed :wink:



I hpe I can devote some time from December. In the meantime I’ll try to become familiar with the translation tools


Hi, I’m open to contribute to Italian localization


Perfect. Then you should send a “join request” to join our Indico Team on transifex in order to be able to add translations :wink:


I’ve sent a join request mail


You sent the email to our mailing list. Instead of doing that, you need to go to and request to join the translation team there.


I’ve sent to indico-team@
and I joined to Italy-Indico on


@Uzzi, @michelot, feel free to use this thread to discuss the translation. The only piece of advice I would give on this is to provide updates whenever you start working on something (so that two people are not doing the exact same thing) and to be explicit about the words you are using to translate the key terms in Indico (so that other translators use them too).


Ok. I tried to be consistent with previous translation. E.g. the usage of SALA to traslate ROOM.
However the translation I have found is full of error, in particular all the italian accents are missing and apostrophes are used instead. E.g. Sara’ instead of Sarà.

Another thing to decide is the cortesy form. Should we use the second person singular more direct or the courtey form ? E.g. “Per favore scelga” … or “Per favore scegli”


Indeed, the content that already exists in the dictionary was written a long time a go by a student and was never double-checked. Regarding courtesy, I’ve asked a couple of native speakers and apparently most web apps use the 2nd person singular:


I don’t think Indico is an overly-formal application, so, if you agree that it’s common practice, we have nothing against.

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