Update PDF for submitted paper within the deadline


I’m aware that in order to update a paper after being submitted, it first needs to be judged as “To be corrected”:

However, I think that while the deadline is still open, it would be great if there is an option for authors to update the PDF without any intervention from the conference organizers. That’s the way other similar platforms work. Only once the deadline is closed, authors should not be able to update the PDF unless the paper has been reviewed and revisions are required, which is the current behavior.

This is just a minor enhancement to be considered, which should not be hard to implement.

I think the idea there is that reviewing may already be happening after submission, so it would be strange if the paper got updated right in the middle of that.

That’s why the author currently needs to get in touch with an event organizer who can then judge the submitted paper as ‘needs changes’.

IMHO, reviewing most commonly starts after the cfp is closed. That’s why other platforms allows to update the PDF while deadline is open.

A new option may be added in the paper reviewing module to allow authors to “update the PDF while deadline is open”. This option can be disabled by default to keep the current behavior. So, conference organizers will configure such option depending on their needs.

Yeah, an option sounds more reasonable.