Turkish Translation Group

We have recently completed the translation on Transifex. I finally managed to install the development version 2.3.4 locally to test the language. However, I could not manage it.

Inside ~/dev/indico/src I created a virtual environment for python3 to install transifex client. After installing transifex following this link , I run tx pull -f -l tr_TR. I do not get any error or warning, but I cannot find where the transformations files are stored. Could you help with how to proceed?

Moreover, what should we do to make the Turkish language available in the upcoming stable version?

Ok. sorry my bad. I should have taken into acoount the src/indico/.tx/config file . Now it works fine.

The last question still remains. Is there anything we need to do for the Turkish language to be available as an option for the next stable version?