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No sure if it’s the right category but anyway…

I don’t know if it’s possible, but some user ask me if it’s possible to have gender difference on some title. Specifically it’s the «speaker», in french we have «Orateur» for a man, and «Oratrice» for a women. Currently it’s automatically use Orateur and don’t seem changeable


No, Indico doesn’t even know someone’s gender…

Yeah…well…I’m not very clear (as usual). I don’t say it should be automatically but can we let the admin of the conference select/modify manually


That request is rather vague. Administrators can change the “title” (Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms., Mx.) of a user for a given contribution. But where exactly do you want to change the term “speaker” in Indico?

Probably you understand that a dialogue mask like this is generic and not depending on a conference or administrator.

Besides that, develop a bit your thoughts on how to handle (in your opinion, @jas01) multiple speakers (same sex, different sex and unknown or undecided) and, as @ThiefMaster mentioned, all those who do not enter their gender into Indico, deliberately or undeliberately.


Sorry for the delay.

I understand perfectly the fact the person need to enter their gender.
But even with the gender the «Speaker» are «Speaker» in english (ok my english sucks)… but in french it change from «orateur» to «oratrice».
For example if you’re browser are english you will see «Speaker», but if you switch to french you will have «orateur»


Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 10-04-57 Test JAS

I’ll agree with anyone who tell me «it’s not a big deal», I just ask because some people think it’s a big deal.

If you really need something like that, you would need to create a new translation that uses something like the german “gendering”:

Speaker → SprecherIn ( or Sprecher*in or Sprecher:in or Sprecher(m/w/d) )

I don’t think that is not really helpful in the context of a scientifc conference grammatical gender and real gender are not ahrd-linked.
*end personal *