Translating the user doc into chinese

Considering translate the user doc into chinese. Start from the event management and categories section.
Not familiar with doc translation. Any advice? It’s there something like a template that I only need to paste my translations onto (avoiding pain of typesetting?)

Hi, you could fork the indico-user-docs repo and then simply translate the text. They are all in markdown files so pretty easy.

Not sure if there’s a better solution… we’ll discuss it in the team next week (especially since my colleague @plourenco who usually handles i18n is back from holidays then).

There’s also the problem of deploying it and keeping it up to date. One option would be having a completely unofficial Chinese documentation you deploy yourself (e.g. via github pages); if your userbase is all chinese, you’d then simply configure your HELP_URL to point there instead of the default

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Ok, I’ll looking into that git.