Relationship between resources and PO files in transifex

I see the following three files in indico/translations/*/LC_MESSAGES:


However on Transifex there are much more:

PO core-messages-react 19 août 2020
PO core.js 1 août 2020
PO 19 août 2020
PO importer.js 29 août 2016
PO 11 mars 2015
PO 11 mars 2015
PO livesync.js 22 mars 2017
PO 22 mars 2017
PO 18 oct. 2017
PO 22 mars 2017
PO piwik.js 11 mars 2015
PO 22 mars 2017
PO search.js 22 mars 2017
PO 22 mars 2017
PO 23 mai 2017

I can figure out how the three first transifex files are related to the indico sources:

 messages-js.po    core.js 
 messages-react.po core-messages-react 

But what is the status/purpose of the others? Some are more than 5 years old.
The seem to correspond to some of the plugins in plugins/base. But are they updated with the usual workflow? Only fr_FR translations seem to be in the github source tree, although the recently released zh_CN seems to be fully translated as well.
I would be glad to start documenting this (or rather gathering the scattered hints and recipese provided by other optimists in a first go). Should the proposal of a Translation section in the docs be considered as accepted?

I don’t think we actively maintain translations in plugins…

adrian@blackhole:~/dev/indico/plugins/public:master $]> git lg **/translations/**/*.po
* 4e47d88 - Update French translation :fr: (2 years, 7 months ago) <Indico Team>
* a450292 - Update translation files (4 years ago) <Indico Team>
* 203dfb2 - Added translation files from Transifex (fr_FR) (5 years ago) <Indico Team>

Maybe we should change this for plugins that are somewhat actively used. For less used (or obsolete) ones maybe it’d be best to just lock them on transifex so people don’t waste time translating them (we did that with the xmpp chat plugin which we moved into an attic repo a while ago).

What would be the reason to not handle them in parallel with all the others when updating the git repo from transifex?

Separate “low-traffic” repo… which is not really an excuse since it doesn’t take much time to extract those strings the few times something does change in plugins.

So I just fixed a bug in the extraction script there and pushed the latest strings.

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OK, I got it. They are not in the same repository. (I only see them in my sandbox due to the initial, after-checkout configuration. Probably that is trivial for all devs who work on Indico daily. :slight_smile: )
However, I see only fr_FR translations, where at least zh_CN should be available, e.g. in indico_importer.

I also noticed that storage_s3 and ursh resources were created in transifex (yesterday?). They have (by default?) a “high priority” for translation. I think they should be classified as “normal”. Only core resources had been flagged “high” up to now.

What about my other question?

Fixed. I didn’t even know there was a priority setting.

Yep, sounds like a good idea!

I haven’t pulled any strings (yet), just updated the source files.

Just to document that this has been done and the result should appear on github and docs soon.