Is http API only for exporting data?

Hi, I read in this link that indico allows accessing the content of its database. I was wondering if it’s possible to modify the content also? like adding an event through API.

I got confused when I saw the check-in app. If it checks in a participant then it means there’s a database content modification happening.

The checkin app uses a special API (which is only accessible via oauth) that allows getting a registrant list and modifying the checkin status, while the more generic “http_api” is indeed mostly limited to retrieving data.

At some point we want to improve the API but so far we didn’t have the time to do that. I could imagine that - after making some general improvements - we start exposing endpoints used by parts of the frontend which are reactjs-based. Because those already use an (internal) API anyway, so exposing them to be accessed via an API token or OAuth would be easy.

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Thanks for the explanation :pray: