Indico multilingual

Could we set up a conference website en two languages french and english or indico can’t handle more than one language

Indico itself supports multiple languages, but any text entered by you as an event manager has to be in one language (unless you put two language version in the same field, which doesn’t look great in most cases since they’d be displayed at the same time).

We have two tickets that are related to this:

is there a way to force a language for the site and for any user

No, as mentioned in one of the GitHub issues this is currently not possible.

I found a lightweight approach for at least partial multi-language displays:

customize vars_user to conditionally hide /show some content:


Indico.User = {{ user_vars | tojson }};
$(document).ready(function () {
{% if user_vars["language"] in ['de_DE', 'en_GB'] %}
     $('.lang.{{ user_vars["language"] }}').show();
{% else %}
{% endif %}

adding the div tags via source mode in the editor.