Importing Data from a different version

We’ve got an old version of indico 2.0 currently running.

We need to export all the data (including events, related users etc…) from it and import it to a new version on a different server with indico 3.2.

Does anyone know the best way do this?



Indico 2.7 does not exist, i guess you mean Indico 2.3?

Anyway, the only way to import data into an existing instance is to get the old data into a new 3.2 instance, and then using the indico event export tool to export it, and indico event import to import it into your existing instance.

Import event from Indico 2.3 in 3.2 is about the exact same thing; you may find some more details on how to best do it in there…

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2.0 sorry, ok thanks

this seemed to work well, thanks for the advice!