How to activate new translation in production deploy?


I deployed production version of indico v3.0.3 on my server and trying to make it running with more languages by downloading translation from transifex. I followed instructions on getindico site and mostly it works.

The solution I took is to build another “dev” tree, pull from transfex, do
indico i18n compile-catalog
indico i18n compile-catalog-react
then copy produced .po, .mo, .json into appropriate place of production deployment where is for example: ~indico/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/indico/translations/ja_JP/LC_MESSAGES/

Such folders include following files.

The new translations contained in messages.po/mo works very well. I see immediately effect on the indico. However new translation in messages-react.json is not reflected on the indico page. I checked contents of json file and the file surely contain the new translation. I tried to restart server, however no effect.

I appreciate if someone could tell me what to do.

Ken Oyama
Nagsaki-IAS, Japan

You need to build fresh release.

So put the files in your dev tree ,
commit the new files
, run bin/maintenance/build-wheel indico --add-version-suffix and reinstall the production setup.
(the translations need to get packed by webpack to take effect).