Helm chart for deploying Indico on Kubernetes

I see that there is a repo for the containerization of Indico. Before I run off and start translating the Docker Compose example deployment into a Kubernetes Helm chart, is there already a Helm chart available (even an unofficial one)?

None I’m aware of. If you write one I think it’s be pretty nice to publish it somewhere on GitHub. :slight_smile:

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Most of the pieces are in place, but I’m confused about the indico-static service. I do not see how this connects to anything else. There is a static-files volume mounted to the indico-web service but this is not shared with the indico-static service.

I think I’ve figured out that I need some combination of the “static” Dockerfile and the “nginx” Dockerfile, with modified base paths to the static assets (css, js, etc). I did build this custom image, but the file path references in the getindico/indico:3.1 image, for example main.6fc6b3a9.css, do not exactly match the file paths in the nginx image with the static files. How do I ensure that the static files I download in the nginx image build are the same version as the getindico/indico:3.1 image?

After more debugging I noticed that the https://github.com/indico/indico-containers repo has not been substantially updated in almost three years :slightly_frowning_face: However, I assume that the Indico sandbox running at https://sandbox.getindico.io/ is containerized. Should I continue adapting and updating the Dockerfiles from that repo on my own, or are there active but unpublished Dockerfiles someone could share?

No, we don’t use containerized versions ourselves. Hence the somewhat poor state of maintenance in that repo…

We publish images built from the indico worker Dockerfile in that repo on the Docker hub, but the rest in that repo is not very up to date… IIRC the idea was for the static container to extract the dist folder from the indico Python wheel and serve it, but I don’t think anyone tested this recently.

So if you just want to use a simple containerized Indico setup it may be best to just use the Dockerfile linked above.

Actually, I need to check with my colleague who built the 3.1.1 image what Dockerfile he used, because the Dockerfile up there references Python 2.7 which is clearly no longer used… probably it’s just a matter of using the Python 3.9 image instead and he forgot to push the change.

We are trying to get it work. We use a traefik proxy on the top so we had modified the some part of the project but now it seems to work. I need only to understand how to customize because my old customizations doesn’t work with the v3.1

If you share a link to a repo containing your old customizations I can have a look and possibly tell you what you need to change.