Exporting events contributions

Hi there,
I’m working on exporting events, and I noticed that in my JSON, the ‘breaks’ during sessions are missing. Only the contributions are present. Does anyone know why?
This is the API I use: export/event/[id_event].json?detail=sessions

Try the timetable.json export. The event exports do not include breaks.

API key: 1241b779-5339-44cf-a331-fd4b5392eb32
Thank you, like this: export/timetable/[id_event].json?ak=1241b779-5339-44cf-a331-fd4b5392eb32

This comes back to me:

string indices must be integers

If you manage the instance check the indico.log file for the error’s traceback. Without a traceback there’s no way of knowing what actually caused it.

In any case, I just checked a public event’s timetable export and breaks are indeed included there: https://indico.cern.ch/export/timetable/1218989.json

Ah, curious that they don’t come out in my installation.
Checking the logs…

Thank you

There is no trace of errors in the logs.
I don’t know Indico well, it could be a permissions problem?, private timetables?
Where do I find the code for: export/timetable?

Thanks for helping me investigate

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