"Event language"?

Before I try to reproduce this with former and future versions, I would like to ask the question here.

I am organising an event in France with only french speakers, on indico.in2p3.fr. My preferred language on that server is fr/FR. When registrants get their email answers, they are all in English. I thought there was an event-wide parameter (in the past???), but I do not find it.
Do I have to redact french texts for each and every email notification template in order to send them in French? I thought we had translated the notification texts in the past into other languages in order to avoid this.

Such a setting is planned, but doesn’t exist yet.

For the same reason, email texts are currently not marked as translatable - in some cases you wouldn’t know the preferred language of the recipient, and using the current user’s language would be clearly inappropriate when the email is sent to someone else.

Of course this is something we should improve in a future version…

I see. Thanks for the clarification.

I guess the notifications were sent in “sender-user language” before (which was very unappropriate in some cases, indeed), and you changed it for the slightly better and more universal always-english.

Good to know that the ideal solution is still in the pipe.