Community Hub Sync


Hello All,
Community Hub sync is not working for me … I am hosting this on AWS … do I need any special ports open to allow this?


Self-hosted, unable to contact community hub


probably yes, the software which I assume is ( should be reachable by any external software wishing to communicate with it. Make sure you can reach the service from the outside world.

Let me ask also? Why did you set it up in the first place? Are you going to collect data from some kind of your software?



I don’t think he is hosting mereswine himself. I think he’s running Indico on AWS.

Port 443 outgoing is enough.

It would be useful to know what exactly is “not working” for you, i.e. which error you get etc.


Hello Guys,
Yes I am hosting on AWS. I am trying out as much of the software as possible as we are considering using it to manage our internal training conference.

Port 443 is open as I am using SSL …

I can give you the address if this would be helpful…

Thanks again for all the help…


This would be more helpful than the URL.

FYI: The community hub only provides us with some statistics (used indico versions etc.) and contact information for someone managing an instance (e.g. for security notifications) - so your regular usage of Indico will not be affected if it doesn’t work for you. But of course it’d still be good to figure out why it’s not working for your instance…


Well when clicking sync … nothing happens. No error message but no sync either. Again being on AWS do I need additional ports open do do this as well?
Thanks so much again…


Only outgoing HTTPS requests. And the fact that you have a sync button means you registered with the hub, which means that knowing the URL of your instance would be helpful after all.


the URL is



I see that your instance was registered twice (did you reinstall and register both times?). I now deleted both of them so you should now be able to re-register your instance with the community hub.


Hello ,
Yes I did!
I will try and re- register…


Hello All,

I tried to re-register … after doing so it says I am out of sync. I hit the sync button… and after it refreshes it’s still “out of sync”