Cloning full conference instance, import to other server?

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Let me apologize in advance - I have probably missed this in the documentation, but I have searched both here and on, and have not been able to find instructions on cloning an existing conference and moving that cloned instance to another server. If you would be so kind as to point me to the correct documentation or help page, I would be most grateful.

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indico event export --help on the command line; this tool exports a whole event to a single archive file, and you can use indico event import on the target server to re-import that file.

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I’m new here too, but was just looking for the same functionality an hour ago and found it.

You can use the CLI to run:

indico events export <conferenceid> <filename>

The conferenceid can be found at the end of the URL (for the conferenceid would be 5).

After the export completes you can transfer the file to a new Indico server and use:

indico events import <filename>

…to import the conference to a new server.

I also recommend you try running:

indico events import --help

…as it has some useful info too (especially re: users).

Hope this helps!


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