Copy indico to new server

Hi, I have related question which have not been able to find anywhere online. This thread kind of gives some answers but not to the full extend to what I need. I have created built indico instance version v3.26. I have migrated postgresql via dump file from instance version 3.11, then installed indico version 3.26 on the new instance. Everything went fine up to the stage of events and users. There are more than 100 events in the current production indico instance. I had used rsync to copy over all events to the new indico instance. So obviously my assumption was wrong to think that all events/users will be automatically migrated after had done previous steps. I have not yet used import/export, beause from what I’ve been reading the "import/export’ commands only work between same indico versions and only apply for single events…!!Can someone please help…!!

Your question is a bit confusing. What are you trying to do? Moving a complete indico instance to another server? Or just some event?

Assuming you want to move the whole instance:

pg_dump your database and copy the /opt/indico/archive folder containing files. Import that postgres dump on the new server. If the Indico version you installed on that server is newer, indico db upgrade may be required to update your database to the latest version.

If you really want to migrate just specific events: You are required to update the instance with the older Indico version first because you correctly noticed that this tool requires both instances to be on the same version (or rather same database schema).

hello Adrian,

Thanks for the quick reply. Basically, my idea is to migrate whole events/users etc… to the new server indico ( v3.26) and leave intact the current indico server (v3.11). So after everything is migrated to the new server I then plan to roll it into production and make it externally available , while leaving the other server running, in case we need to switch back if something goes wrong.
NOTE: I want to migrate whole events not just the specific ones, and as previously mentioned there are 100 events that need to be migrated. I hope my intentions are clear now…!!

At some point in the future I was planning to link servers in a cluster for high availability but at this stage this is irrelevant to my question.

Thanks again,

OK, if you want to migrate everyhing then copying the database and archive folder is all you need. On the target host you want the indico DB to be empty and just have the two PG extensions (ie don’t run indico db prepare there, and if you did so drop the DB and recreate it with just the two extensions).

WRT clustering for HA: You want the exact same setup on both servers (same config file, DB running on separate server (you need to point both instances to the same DB, archive on a shared filesystem or using S3 storage) for this, and then put a loadbalancer (e.g. haproxy) in front of it.

PS: I’ll extract this to a new thread since it’s not related to the import/export tool.