Chinese translation group



This thread is meant for all those interested in translating Indico to any of the dialects of Chinese. In order to facilitate consultation by other translation teams, I suggest we use English whenever possible. Messages deeply connected to grammar or the meaning of words can be written in Chinese, however.


这个线路适用于所有有兴趣把 Indico 翻译成中文的人。为了方便其他团队,我建议我们尽量使用英文。与语法或词义密切相关的我们可以用中文。


Guidelines for Chinese translation group (draft)

  • We use Transifex as the translation platform
  • In order to translate, you have to create a transifex account, send a request to join the Indico Team on Transifex. As soon as you are accepted, you will be able to start the translation process


Proposed Chinese translations:

event – 事件
chatroom – 聊天室
folder – 文件夹
material – 材料
attachement – 附件
room – 房间
lecture – 讲座
meeting – 会议
conference – 大型会议
reviewing --审核
review – 审核
session – 会场