Certificate of Participation

Hi there,

Is there any plan to have some feature like “certificate of participation” in the system? Or is there some way to print them using indico?


Hi, there’s no feature like this, but I think you can use the badge system for it - just create a “badge” that contains the information you want to include, and then email them to the users.


if you need something fancier, the visa-inviation stuff inside https://github.com/bkolobara/ECMWF-indico-plugin would be a startingpoint (beware, some part of the email text is hardcoded in the plugin).


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And once https://github.com/indico/indico/pull/3161 has been merged, you could also use the webhook-trigger plugin to print the certificate on check-in. See Print-on-Registration plugin for more details.

Tks for the replies, ill look into it


Thanks for the suggestion, I was able to create a badge-certificate.

Is there also a way to add to the badge the title and type of the contributions of this author to this event?

Like an author-specific contribution list.

I was not able to find this field in the template options.


I don’t think this is should be possible with a patch to indico:
Add a contributions placeholder in indico/modules/designer/placeholders.py,
similar to what is done for e.g. emails in PR #4716.

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Thanks for the reply, I have proposed the idea here: https://github.com/indico/indico/issues/818