Allow speakers to edit a contribution


can anyone please kindly suggest if there is a possibility to allow speaker edit it’s contribution details (at least edit title ) ?

I have found a similar topic (I assume):

However I do not actually see such a possibility.
I would be very grateful for your help.

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As long as the speakers/authors are submitters on the contribution, you can give them limited edit privileges on it. See this screenshot on where to do that (on the Contributions management page)

Thank you very much!

I see now such an option for the conference events.
However if I go to the similar section of a meeting, I cannot see “Settings” button:

So do I understand correctly that such an option is only available for the conferences?


You’re right, we only show this in conferences. Nothing stops you from converting the meeting to a conference, changing the setting, and then changing it back to meeting though.

We should probably expose this e.g. via the Protection page in meetings…

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Dear Adrian,

thank you very much one more time!
Indeed such work-around worked, however it wasn’t obvious for me.