2.3 accounts in 3.1 version

Hi there.
I have just installed indico 3.1 on a new VM and copied over our 2.3 database and archive, as explained in the userguide. I have also run indico db upgrade

However when I log in as a user that was created with version 2.3 it looks like the 3.1 features are not visible. For example: in My Profile I do not see the Unlisted events tab even if I have been granted access to them; also Create event > Create Conference will show the 2.3 mask with no possibility to Unlist the event (the Listing entry is missing).

Do I need somehow to upgrade the users? Have I done something wrong in restoring the db dump?


AFAIK “Unlisted events” in the dashboard only shows up if you have such events. Can you take a screenshot of the unlisted events settings in the admin area?

This is the event I have created (a Template) and the permission I have granted to the users in the Protection tab. So maybe that I got it wrong and then this will not put an Unlisted event tab in their Profile. However how could the access the event? Do I have to explicitly share the link with them?

Yes, you need to share the link with them. Unlisted events are only shown in the dashboard for their creator.

OK, thanks. Do you think this can be addressed in future releases? Our use-case is that we use an Unlisted event as a template to try out new features and there are several of us involved; so, if somebody creates a new unlisted event it would be nice that all people in the group would see it appearing in their profile. Just an idea.

Unlikely, because indico supports groups managed outside (e.g. ldap) and finding all events where the user has access may be expensive in such a case (it’s not just a simple SQL query)…

If you want to have a set of template events shared with many people, I think putting them in a restricted category from where they can clone them could be better than using unlisted events…

OK I will try out your suggestion.
Thanks again!

I took a look and they should still show up in the dashboard under ‘Your events at hand’ if they are fresh. Maybe the query for unlisted events could be adopted to be more like the query in
modules.events.utils: get_events_managed_by.
I would even consider filtering unlisted events from managed by and only show them under the unlisted category.