Workflow for speakers to consent to recording

Dear Indico community,

A lot of talks are nowadays streamed/recorded, and the GPDR requires a consent. Does Indico support such a workflow?

Kind regards,


If your speakers register for the event, you could add a “Consent to being recorded” yes/no field to the form. Possibly with a “only applicable to speakers” side-note.

At CERN we use a custom plugin that has a nice workflow for event organizers to request consent for being recorded, send reminders, etc. Unfortunately this is part of a larger plugin that also handles requesting streaming/recording services, so just installing it would probably not work well (it might also have CERN-specific wording in some places).

We also use a custom plugin (which is a stripped down version of the CERN plugin that only does the agreement part) that could serve as a template.

Would there be interest in having this developed as an open source plugin? Perhaps one that addresses needs of CERN and other organizations?