Workflow for confirming scheduled contribution?

Dear Indico community,

We are trying to use Indico more and more for organizing the IT4Science-Days. Once we scheduled the contributions, we would like to inform the speakers and ask them to confirm the time slot. How would that be done in Indico?

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There’s no built-in feature for that, but you could send emails to speakers via the contribution list (management area) that contain their details, and ask them to reach out to you if their scheduled slot doesn’t work.

Dear @ThiefMaster, thank you, that should work. Kind regards, Paul

Dear Indico folks,

There does not seem to be a field for scheduled date and time, so the recipient needs to access the Indico installation and log in. Is the person going to be able to see the details there, even if the event timetable is not public yet?

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    def _can_view_unpublished(self):
        return self.event.can_manage(session.user) or self.contrib.is_user_associated(session.user)

So if the user is logged in as a manager or someone associated with the contribution (e.g. a speaker/author or the submitter of the underlying abstract), they’ll be able to access it even if the timetable is not published.

Dear @ThiefMaster, awesome. Thank you for even showing the source code snippet. Kind regards, @paulmenzel