Withdraw Contribution

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to enable the author/submitter to withdraw his/her contribution like the submitted paper?
As this feature is available for the abstract but not for the paper!

No, they need to reach out to an event organizer for this. This makes sense because at the point where a contribution is created and scheduled, the event organizer will need to deal with the gap in the timetable caused by the withdrawal - so a user should not be able to withdraw their contribution with just the press of a button.

For an abstract this is different because at that point it’s just a proposal but not a confirmed contribution.

Thank you very much for the fast and clear answer.

As a follow up question, how would the event manager deal with this?

There appears to be a good way to flag entire events as cancelled using event labels, but is there something similar that works at the contribution level?

No, they’d just unschedule it and, depending on how important it was, possible inform participants e.g. via email.

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Thanks for the swift and clear response. Much appreciated :+1: