Windows development

Any way I can run Indico in a Windows env?
Not for production, of course, but to learn and test out (before, eventually, moving on to a standard dev environment as per the documentation)?


We don’t support Windows directly, but you can use WSL for development.

I guess I’ll just use Ubuntu inside VirtualBox, unless someone has a better idea.
IMHO WSL is a pain to work with.

Thanks, ThiefMaster!

I found it much less annoying than running a real VM tbh :wink:

I guess, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: I usually use VS Code to build stuff with. Hope I can somehow make it work smoothly with/inside WSL. Never had to do that before, so we’ll see… :slight_smile:

vscode has remote editing now, so in that case either a vm or WSL might work very well. @kolodzie can probably tell you more since i heard he really loves that feature :wink:

Yeah, Remote Development - WSL extension could be really helpful in your case :wink:

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