Will pay to install/support a secured instance of Indico on our VPS?

Based on your experience, please let me know if you can fast help us install a secured instance of Indico on our VPS.
Your help will allow us to focus only on organizing our next conference to be held in October 2021.

If interested, PM me to discuss details and compensation.

Thank you.

Hi, just to let you know, installing Indico is quite easy - we have a step by step guide available:


Using a separate VPS (assuming your existing one already hosts e.g. your website) would be a good idea though.

Hello, we plan to use a separate and new VPS for Indico. We need help to not only install (our VPS Host can install for free) but most to support the install. We are very busy working on the technical/logistic/publicity aspects of our conference and with little time left before the CFP due.
Thank you for your fast response.

Good Afternoon Adrian:
Please let us know a VPS can be configured to support both an instance of Indico and an instance of Open Journal Systems?
Thank you.

I never heard of this tool, but in principle yes. Someone with decent skills when it comes to configuring web servers should not have any trouble adapting the relevant parts from our setup guide.

However, considering that VPS are generally rather cheap, it would still be more straightforward to use a separate one.