Why celery heartbeat is locked?


On our test instance, for the first time, after an Indico restart, I saw the error that celery is not working. It seems to remain a permanent error. Looking in the log files I saw that celery seems to be working fine but found in indico.log a warning Task heartbeat is locked; not executing it. To manually unlock it, run indico celery unlock heartbeat`. I didt it but the problem remains reported on the web interface, despite the error doesn’t seem to be in indico.log anymore…

Where I could find information about the reason for this problem?


Check indico.log and celery.log - usually tasks are only locked if celery crashed hard while executing a task (the lock just prevents the same task running twice at the same time).

Answering to myself… I managed to clean the problem by restarting celery after unlocking the hearbeat… Not sure what happened exactly.

I’m running 3.2.8.