Wheel update seemed to push code to 2.2 DEV?


I have successfully managed to promote a wheel file from one local vm to another local vm – that’s great. I was developing and creating wheels using codebase 2.1.7

I have now gone to our opsdev people with the wheel and asked them to install it on the ‘real’ test VM (and then UAT . Prod etc.) which is / will be public facing

Now – I thought I was developing in version 2.1.7 but have been informed that the ‘real’ test VM has been updated to version 2.2.dev during the install process - Is this correct – would it have done that just by installing my whl file (i.e. downloaded a newer version of indico).

Or would it have already have been at 2.2.dev? when the ‘real’ vm was created a couple of months ago.

Sorry – but I am confused here – but it did install OK.

If you built a wheel from master, it’s 2.2-dev, if you built from 2.1-maintenance or installed from pypi, it’s 2.1.x.

If you intend to use it in production before the proper release of 2.2, you should have based your development on top of 2.1-maintenance. Luckily, depending what changes you made, you might be able to rebase without too many conflicts…

cheers - I was sure it was the latest develop code i took a few weeks ago - will make sure it is correct version and not the dev version