What is the name of the default authentifcation provider?


I’m looking for the name that must be used to selected the default authentication provider in a http request (_provider in the query string)?


I don’t think we have a query string argument to select the provider on the login page. Anyway, the name of the “local accounts” provider is indico.

Thanks. Sorry, it is not in a get query string but the data parameter of a post… This is used by the client used to query registrants with the plugin mlz-export I mentioned in another thread, https://github.com/bpedersen2/indico-mlz-export/blob/master/api_example/indico_rest_api_example.py.

I don’t understand: when I use indico as the provider name it doesn’t work (user/pwd don’t match) but when I use the LDAP provider (ldap) it works… Not completely clear why it doesn’t work the same way with both…


POST /login/ with this data should work fine:


Not sure if the csrf_token is actually needed there, but while not logged in it’s always 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 so safe to send.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. It does if I use the provider ldap (connected to our LDAP/AD provider) but it fails if I use the provider indico. I’m looking for a suggestion where to look for the reason: I don’t see anything in the POST returned dict and nothing in the server logs too…

@ThiefMaster, do you have any advice?


Sorry, it was a trivial mistake! username was used to pass the userid instead of identifier which seems required by the indico provider.