Weekend dates wrong in room booking

Hi, in the month view of our indico room booking, Friday and Saturday are put in blue as if it were weekend days (see here: https://indico.iihe.ac.be/rooms/calendar?date=2019-09-01&mode=months&view=timeline)
I looked for a way to change in the interface, but unfortunately was not able to.

Could someone point me in the correct direction?

Thanks a lot.


I cannot access your link. I tried creating an account on your instance but I guess you restricted room booking access to certain users/groups. Could you add my account (search for the email adrian.moennich@cern.ch) as an authorized room booking user temporarily?

My bad. I indeed forgot that it was restricted to members of a particular group. I added you.

In any case: thanks a lot for looking into this!


For me everything looks correct. Were you mixing up September and October by any chance?

Haha, really strange. I see a different thing

So I dug a little deeper with the help of my colleagues. Some of them had the correct dates, some not. It was independent of operating system and browser type.
However, when the ones with incorrect weekend dates changed the language in our preferences from English to French, we suddenly had the correct weekend dates. Switching back to English did not undo this, so it remains correct.
This makes us suspect that there is a bug somewhere in indico. The good thing is that we have a work-around.
Again, thanks for your help.

OK, most likely I found the bug so we’ll fix it in the next 2.2.x version that’ll be released soon.

Thanks a lot. We’ll update as soon as it is released.

It’s strange that it depends on OS/browser for you. We set the locale of our date library based on the language selected in Indico, so OS/browser defaults should not affect it. Anyway, we are now using a locale-agnostic function to get the weekday, so it shouldn’t happen regardless where the data is coming from.

It is not. I said it is independent. Else I would have given you which ones worked and which did not.
But I have working ones on mac and linux, and non working ones on mac and linux. Same for the browsers: working firefox and chrome, and not working one also.
So my conclusion was that it had nothing to do with OS and/or browser.



Maybe one more thing I just saw now: My events overview now also changed (https://indico.iihe.ac.be/category/0/overview?period=week)
Before it started on Sunday, now on Monday. I guess it is linked.

Ah you mean the Indico prefs. Sorry, misread your last post.

I indeed should have been more clear. But yes, I changed the indico preferences.

Looks like your Indico locale was set to ‘en’ (or ‘en-US’) for some reason… Not sure how this happened though…

Is your Indico account the first one that was created in your instance?

Can you also check the value of DEFAULT_LOCALE in your indico.conf? It should be e.g. 'en_GB' or 'fr_FR', but not 'en' or 'en_US'

No, it was not. And there are other people in my case.

This is what we have:
DEFAULT_TIMEZONE = ‘Europe/Brussels’