Webpack-bundles.json commands

What commands can one use inside webpack-bundles.json?

I’ve used only this:

  "entry": {
    "main": "./index.js"

but I’m curious if there’s any documentation that shows all the available commands and their meaning.


Searching for webpack-bundles in the codebase helps :wink:

TL;DR: entry and sassOverrides are all that’s supported in there. The latter is rarely needed and only really useful if you want to replace e.g. palette colors in the Indico CSS. But this will only apply to anything that’s in your plugin, so its use is somewhat limited (we added it because the burotel plugin is only roombooking and in the plugin we basically re-bundle the whole module with customizations).

FWIW, usually you don’t need anything there except a single entry point.

I assumed webpack-bundles.json was part of some 3rd party tool Indico uses, and search the net and found almost nothing :slight_smile: Thanks @ThiefMaster