We are experiencing slow page load times when accessing our site

We are experiencing slow page load times when accessing our site (https://indico.ibs.re.kr/event/652/).
This issue is not limited to our site but also occurs with CERN’s Indico site (indico.cern.ch).
We have identified that the delay is primarily due to the dynamic loading of certain JavaScript files,
particularly common.bundle.js and mathjax.bundle.js, which can take several seconds or even minutes to load.
Could you give technical guidance on how to address this issue?

You probably have a slow network connection. Indico has some pretty large assets that need to be loaded once (then they’ll be in the browser cache cache), so if the connection is (very) slow it will take some time.

However, regardless of this, your server is extremely slow. Even loading just some small logo file like this one from your instance takes 1-2 seconds.

Is that so? We are wondering if we could address the issue of page delays at the source level.
Could you provide technical guidelines on the frontend side? Would you recommend techniques like image lazy loading or dynamic module loading?
Thank you.

However, regardless of the network connection, the UN indico site loads very slowly due to some .js files. This issue occurs not only at my institute but also in other places in South Korea. That’s why I am wondering if there are any other ways to improve the performance of Indico.


i compared the timings for common.xxxx.js ( which is much larger on the un site):

local indicio (same 1Gbit/s network):
3.8 MB, 0.93 ms → ~ 5.2 MBit/sec
cern indico
3.7 MB, 219 ms → ~ 2MBit/sec
un indico
10 MB, 4.4 sec → 275 kbit/sec

So it really looks like a network and or webserver config issue.
@snumk0413 : What are you using as server (apache or nginx), what hardware, further proxies?

(our setup: ha-proxy → docker deployment (hosted on vsphere) with nginx)