WCAG 2.1, keyboard navigation

Hello, some anchor <a> elements cannot be focusable by the keyboard because of no href attribute. Adding this attribute (e.g href="#") allows a user to focus the element and “click” it by hitting the “Enter” key. Is there a reason that some <a> elements do not have this attribute?

Concrete examples would be useful here…

Most likely the elements do not have a meaningful target (href="#" opens a useless target if you middleclick it for example), so maybe they should be re-styled <button> elements instead of anchors.

A lot of pages use <a> as action buttons and these are not focusable by the keyboard e.g.:

For example, Call for abstract tab has some <a> elements that have already attribute href=# and part without that are not focusable by the keyboard:

Elements on News page also have this problem:

Should all of them be restyled with <button> or adding the href attribute suitable is suitable?

href="#" seems like the easiest choice (just make sure that clicking them doesn’t cause a # to be appended to the URL).