Vidyo ldap configuration

We want to use the vidyo plugin, but when I try to make a room, I get this error when selecting room owner
“This user does not have a suitable account to use Vidyo.”
I am not sure how to fill the required fills at plugin settings, for instance: Authenticators. And the username and password should be from the account made on vidyo website, right ? I installed python ldap, but I am not sure how to fill ldap_config.
Thankyou in advance.

Authenticators should correspond to the authenticator you will use a source of “user names” for Vidyo. E.g. at CERN we use our own LDAP since Vidyo is also using it and there is a 1-to-1 correspondence between users on the two systems.
Authenticators are set in your indico.conf file.

We are looking for other options now. Thankyou anyway.