Version of the Postgres database

I have a question
We have Indico 2.2.5 (debian oldstable ver. 9.11, Postgres version 9.6.15). I’m going to make aktualization debian for stable wersion (buster ver. 10.2). Postgres has been installed from the debian repository, which means that Postgres will be updated too. During the update Postgres will be updated to the version 11.
Will indico work with this Postgres version without any problems ?

While we are still using 9.6 ourselves, some of our dev machines have Postgres 11 and I think there are some people running Indico successfully on Postgres 10/11 as well.

So I think the chance of anything breaking is minimal and it should be safe to go ahead and update! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your info.

I installed 2.2.5 on Debian Buster (10.2) as you mentioned, I just used the official Debian repo and versions in that repo like Postgres 11 and everything is fine. I followed the installation instructions in the documentation and had no problem.