User account creation

Hello all,

Is there a way to disable the user account creation after registration with e-mail?
I would like to have control over this.
Thanks in advance.
João Rocha

Is the LOCAL_REGISTRATION setting what you are looking for?

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
I’ve set LOCAL_REGISTRATION = True so only the local identities can login, but i would like to enable somehow the step where one can send a registration e-mail so some admin can allow the account creatio. Is this possible?


It works just fine! :smiley:
By the way, i have un upcoming event that as an associated cost. Is there a simple way to make available somewhere a receipt (after payment confirmation) to the respective participant?

no, we’d like to implement this in a future version though.

Thanks a lot @ThiefMaster
Best regards,
João Rocha