Upload Big files to indico

Dear community,
We are having some troubles when a couple of user try to upload bigger files ( about 30-50MB), the exactly error is:
“request entity too large”

I’ have been setting the MAX_UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE = 50 variable at indico.conf (and restart the services), but seems not to have any result.

We are using apache2 not nginx.

Any advise is welcomed
Regards, I

Apache has LimitRequestBody but that seems to be 0 (unlimited?) by default… It would be useful to see the exact error that’s returned during such a large upload - ie whether it’s coming from indico or a generic error from the webserver.

Also, note that there’s also MAX_UPLOAD_FILES_TOTAL_SIZE, so if that’s set to a lower value (>0, since 0 disables the limit) it may cause large uploads to fail as well…

Hi sorry,
I think i found the problem. Indico was behind nginx proxy then i have to touch the
client_max_body_size 50M;
Is this true?

Regards, I

Yes, that should work.

PS: I just realized our docs mention that as well :wink:

Yea, I read that, early this mornig…but i did not remember that this instance was under a nginx proxy …that was a recent change…
Thanks a lot guys!!