Updating Indico from v2.2-dev to latest?

Hi guys,

Sorry if this has already been answered :frowning: I am currently developing on Indico v2.2-dev and would like to update it to the latest release to develop over the latest codebase, but I am not sure how to properly do it without breaking anything.


You want the latest 2.2, so simply rebase your branch to the 2.2-maintenance branch:

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/2.2-maintenance

In case you get many conflicts, you can abort the rebase and see if doing a merge instead works better.

What about 2.3? A lot of the Plugins require min 2.3 :frowning:

Use the 2.2-maintenance branch for plugins as well… Do not use master yet, it’s 2.3 which is still under somewhat heavy development.

Got it. Thanks @ThiefMaster :slight_smile:

All working well now :slight_smile: Thanks again!