Update source code

i wanna change some source code of indico on ~/dev/indico/src but it seems not doing anything on my webpage. is there something else that i need to run after changing any source code?

Sorry but you need to be more detailed - what exactly did you change (e.g. which files), what is your goal? How did you deploy the changes, or do you mean your changes do not show up on your dev setup?

im just exploring and wanna knw if i can do any changes on the indico. i try to change some sentence on html file ~/dev/indico/src/indico/core/plugins/templates/index.html but it seems not doing anything on my webpage.

sorry if this is a stupid question… im new to python

Changes to templates typically show up immediately if debug mode is enabled (which is the default when using the dev server and dev config). But to be on the safe side you can try restarting the indico run ... process.

Also, on which URL path are you looking to see your changes? (The template you mentioned doesn’t sound like one people usually want to change)