Upcoming events configuration

In the configuration of upcoming events to be displayed, what is the “days” column about? Is it the maximum number of days ahead of the event to have it displayed in the list?

At our site, I saw events in November displayed when the number of days is 30 (we are on Sept. 16)…



Hey, the following is a snippet of code fetching upcoming events

now = now_utc(False).astimezone(tz)
for entry in data['entries']:
    delta = timedelta(days=entry['days'])
    query = (base_query
             .filter(db.cast(Event.start_dt.astimezone(tz), db.Date) > (now - delta).date())
             .with_entities(Event, db.literal(entry['weight']).label('weight')))

So as you can see, we only select those events for which start date is after today - number_of_days.