Unable to modify "Allowed authorization callback URLs" for checkin stuffs

I would like to host the PWA by myself, as by now using the public one I got an “OAuth authorization failed” so I was trying to debug autonomously, but the corresponding field in the “applications management” is greyed out and there is inside the block only http://localhost. (I’m following the documentation here: Settings — Indico 3.3.3-dev documentation)

Also I can’t use the mobile app, because we enabled google authentication and the webview cannot be used anymore (403 error forbidden), but the PWA it’s ok if I can get it to work.

Any hints on this ?

Which Indico version are you using?


The new checkin app requires v3.3 so you’ll have to update your Indico instance.

Ok, I found the changes in the code about the new PWA support in indico/core/oauth/models/applications.py and I’ll backport them (if it’s enough…)

No it’s not. We also added new APIs needed for the app.

The time you’d need to spend on trying to backport things is better spent on upgrading Indico. :slight_smile:

You’re right, I only need to re-evaluate some of the changes that I did to solve some internal needs.
Thanks for the prompt response.

At least if you use Git to track your own changes, applying them to the 3.3 codebase should be fairly simple :slight_smile:

Some people do coding without using git? Awful … :wink:

Could I suggest to add the Indico v3.3 requirement for using the PWA in the Indico docs and in the README.md of the PWA github repo?

Indico Updated and now the checkin app works fine, except for safari on iPhone which fails with OAuth fail … something. The same iPhone, but with Firefox, works fine.
Safari fails when should redirect to our Indico login page.

We are experiencing also some url redirect not followed in the payment paypal plugin when used in Safari or Chrome, and works fine with Firefox: there are some known problems about redirection ?

there are some known problems about redirection ?

Not that I know of :confused: For the Check-in app, what is the error and the version of Safari that you are using?

All Safari (iphone/ipad/mac) browsers does not redirect to the login page (I have oauth2 enabled). Using other browsers on the same device, I’m correctly redirected to the logon phase after scanning the qr-code, then all seems works fine.

What’s your version of Safari? I’m on Safari 17.4 and the redirect works for me. What do you mean by “does not redirect”? Is there an error? The page doesn’t load?

I don’t know why, but in effect, trying now, it worked… Some garbage left somewhere when I was trying with the wrong indico release and now expired ?

Strange, but glad that it works for you :slight_smile:

Could I suggest to add the Indico v3.3 requirement for using the PWA in the Indico docs and in the README.md of the PWA github repo

I added a disclaimer to the Check-in app repo

thanks for your kind attention.