Unable to change room


On all (= 3) of my indico server I got a very weird bug. I’m unable to set the room in any event (currently I don’t use “room booking”).

Inside the “Settings” of a event, when I click on the “pencil”, if I change the “Room” the “Save” stay non_active, If I change anything else the “Save” become active. But If I change “Room” and something else and save. The “Room” stay empty.


I tried to reproduce it in the sandbox (where room booking is not enabled) and wasn’t able to. If I enter something in the room field, the save button becomes active.

Your description sounds like the form field never gets its value - that explains both why submit stays inactive and why the data you entered is not saved.

Which browser are you using?

On my 3 indico the room booking are enable but empty. I’m guessing it’s somehow related

All I can say is it appear on the screen

I try Firefox and chromium. And on my computer

chromium='rm -rf /home/jas/.config/chromium; rm -rf /home/jas/.cache/chromium/; z chromium'

so no link to some plugin.

And I didn’t discover this problem, it’s reported by some user.

Ah, I missed the “RB enabled but empty” part. I can reproduce it in that case.

Or maybe not… that was just me breaking something by pretending to have no venues/rooms without doing it properly. And the JS error I saw was unrelated, probably always happened, and doesn’t break anything.

Do you have a link to an instance where I can create an account and test it myself?

There we go. The fix will be part of 3.2.1. For the time being I suggest disabling room booking in indico.conf since you aren’t using it anyway.

Thanks a lot.

Well…the “rooms” are enable to allow few peoples to tests it. I will check with them.


There’s nothing to test if no locations/room exist :wink:

Yes I know…it’s “allow” to people to test. They did nothing.
But you sure know how it is … if I disabled it without warning them, and they find out, that would be “what I’m working on it 24h since 10 years”.