Troubleshootin the same user under different IDs

Hello, dear Indico support.

One of our users complained that he could not modify of a category.
He has manager rights for that section.

For example:

When I check in “indico” database which PostgreSQL 12 in our case
then I see that this particular user is present three times but under different ID.
See attachments.indico_troubleshoot_censored.log (1.3 KB)
ID 1105 was used before and it’s obsolete.
ID 252 is the current or at least should be.
ID 3199 was created yesterday.

Our Indico server relies on LDAP server to provide identity management.
Which user to leave and which to delete?
Thanks in advance.


# psql
  \c indico
  indico=> SELECT * FROM users.users WHERE ...;

Don’t delete anything manually. Instead, use the “merge users” functionality in the admin area. In the end it doesn’t really matter which user you merge into which, since the remaining users will have everything of the source user(s) as well in the end.

Actually, two users are flagged as deleted - did you do this manually? Usually users are only deleted during a merge, but this is clearly nto the case here…