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I need to transfer to another server a whole category with about 50 events. Is there a corresponding command that I can use? Both servers use indico 2.1.3.
Also, does the export include all the uploaded material?

Thank you

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Hi Adrian,
Thank you for your information.
I will try it soon.
Best regards,

On 2018/03/29 22:56, Adrian Mönnich wrote:
since you only have one real event in the second instance, this is a great opportunity to use the new cross-server event transfer tool available in Indico 2.0.

First of all, you must import the ZODB of ribf01 to Postgres. You can do this on a local machine, as you will not need to actually run this Indico instance. Since you run 0.98 it will be a rather painful update to 1.2 first. There’s some information in our forum (https:/ on how to do this migration.

After having the data in 2.0.3, you can run this script to dump the whole event to a file:

$ indico event export 1 emis2012.ind

Then copy this file to the machine running and use this command to import the event:

$ indico event import emis2012.ind

It will ask you about creating missing users etc.


On 29.03.2018 15:47, Takashi Ichihara wrote:
Hello Pedro, Dirk and all

We are expecting.
We have two indico servers, one contains about 2500 events ( ), and the other contains only one event (
We want to merge two indico servers to one. Can we do so ?

Best regards,
Takashi Ichihara

Hi, currently there is no way to include multiple events. But you could easily use a loop in the shell to dump all those events into separate files, and then another loop to import them.

Yes, all attachments are included. I don’t think there is any event data we skip.

Perfect! I will do so this weekend.

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